Snapshot feature compatibily with scan-path mode

Olivier BONHOMME obonhomme at
Mon Apr 4 11:06:14 CEST 2011

Le 04/04/2011 10:26, Julius Plenz a écrit :
> Hi, Olivier!
> * Olivier BONHOMME<obonhomme at>  [2011-04-03 22:54]:
>> When i enable the snapshots feature in the cgitrc global
>> configuration file, the snapshot is not available in the web
>> interface.
>> I tried disabling the scan-path feature and setting up a repo in the
>> cgitrc file and in that case it works.
> The scan-path declaration only assigns per-repository settings that
> have been set up _before_ the scan-path line. Thus, try putting the
> snapshots line before scan-path, like this:
>      snapshots=tar.gz tar.bz2
>      project-list=/var/git/projects.list
>      scan-path=/var/git/repositories
> Julius

Oh okay. Effectively, it works putting snapshots declaration before the 

Thanks for your support


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