[PATCH] Add a subject indicating that the commit message is empty

Nezmer git at nezmer.info
Thu Aug 11 02:57:32 CEST 2011

> > > +		ret->subject = xmalloc(20);
> > 
> > xstrdup already allocates memory. No need to invoke malloc here (doing
> > this will result in a memory leak).

Good to know.

> Oh, and you obviously also introduce a memory leak by overwriting the
> pointer stored in "ret->subject" before without free'ing it.

I assumed strchr(p, '\n') would return NULL here. I see that my
assumption was wrong now.

> This should be implemented slightly differently.
> The idea sounds good, though. I'll have a look at that.


Would declaring a const char* in cgit.h and pointing all empty subjects
to it be a good choice?

> > 
> > > +		ret->subject = xstrdup("(no commit message)");
> > > +	}

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