Syntax highlighting diff

Imran Aziz codentest at
Thu Aug 25 19:56:21 CEST 2011

Hi All,

I have newly setup cgit and so far like it very much. Thanks Lars and
others for building this great tool.

I was wondering what are the thoughts of the developers here on syntax
highlighting the diffs, it does helps me with reviewing my changes as
the keywords are  easily noticeable.
can you please direct me to any tools that you know of that could be
easily integrated or perhaps someone else has already done it.

Other thoughts:

One tweak I made to cgit.css was to change the "white-space" property
for ssdiff table to "pre-wrap". This allows me to review long lines of
code without having to scroll left and right horizontally. Any

Also the version hosting cgit on is newer than what is
listed in the cgit repo itself... any idea when that will be
checked-in, I like the new diff page options layout in that version.


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