larsh at hjemli.net larsh at hjemli.net
Mon Jun 13 14:49:54 CEST 2011

A bugfix release of cgit (a web interface to git repositories) is now
available from http://hjemli.net/git/cgit.

Shortlog since v0.9
Ferry Huberts (2):
      source_filter: fix a memory leak
      new_filter: correctly initialise all arguments for a new filter

Jamie Couture (1):
      scan-tree.c: avoid memory leak

Jonathon Mah (1):
      Fix escaping of paths with spaces

Julius Plenz (2):
      fix two encoding bugs
      Add advice about scan-path in cgitrc.5.txt

Lars Hjemli (9):
      cgitrc.5: tar.xz is a supported snapshot format
      tests/setup.sh: add support for known bugs
      tests: add tests for links with space in path and/or args
      shared.c: do not modify const memory
      ui-repolist.c: do not return random/stale data from read_agefile
      ui-snapshot.c: remove debug cruft
      ui-log.c: do not link from age column
      ui-plain.c: fix html and links generated by print_dir() and print_dir_entry()

Lukas Fleischer (5):
      Remove unused variable from cgit_diff_tree().
      Fix memory leak in http_parse_querystring().
      Avoid null pointer dereference in reencode().
      Avoid null pointer dereference in cgit_print_diff().
      Properly escape ampersands inside HTML attributes

Mark Lodato (1):
      fix virtual-root if script-name is ""

Stefan Gehn (1):
      Fix crash when projectsfile cannot be opened

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