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Thu Jun 23 00:02:59 CEST 2011

On 06/22/2011 11:55 PM, Lars Hjemli wrote:
> On my box (slackware 13), there's no /etc/mime.types but there's
> /etc/httpd/mime.types which seems to match your description [1]. But
> `man mime.types` documents a different format used by CUPS, which
> seems to be much more complex [2]. We probably don't want to support
> the latter variant.


>> I propose a new parameter called mime-types with a default of
>> /etc/mime.types
> I don't think the parameter should have a default value - not everyone
> agree that plain-view should return the "correct" mimetypes for blobs
> (due to security _and_ philosophy), hence the use of hardcoded
> "plain/text" and "application/octet-stream" when no (matching)
> mimetype-mapping is specified in cgitrc.
> Also, since we already have the option 'mimetype.<ext>', I propose the
> name 'mimetype-file' for this new option.


I will first start to implement without the parameter anyway.

Ferry Huberts

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