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Convey, Simon sconvey at
Wed Jun 29 20:41:42 CEST 2011

Dear cgit devteam,
         We are moving a large CVS rpository to git. ( We did a long mercurial vs git eval, and git won hands down ). CVS  has a web based code brower, and whilst its nowhere near as pretty as cgit,, it has one feature which cgit lacks, and that's an arbitrary file diff.  We implemented this this using javascript, and we've realised that being able to interpose javascript in cgit is a really useful feature. I have added code to cgit to do this, and some example javascript which does useful things.  I tried a git push earlier, but its not accepting pushes. Do you need my IP address ? 206.205.108.*

Here's the added code.....

cgit.c   Added an extra config options to void config_cb(const char *name,const char *value)

                else if (!strcmp(name, "javascript"))
                        ctx.cfg.javascript = xstrdup(value);

cgit.h    Added the typedef to struct cgit_config
                        char *javascript;

ui-shared.c   Added a call to html_include as soon as <body> is sent.
                   if (ctx-cfg.header)

And added a README.js, and example code to a contrib directory, updated cgitrc.5.txt with an example stanza.

If these changes are OK, please you you allow us to push them ?

Many thanks,
Simon Convey
Ahmed Elsabbahy

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