clone url generation issue

chris jugg at
Fri May 6 06:03:39 CEST 2011

Julius Plenz <plenz at ...> writes:
> * chris <jugg at ...> [2011-05-04 13:56]:
> > git at ...:/<project>
> > 
> > Notice the erroneous forward slash being inserted between the
> > clone-prefix and project name.
> As far as I can see the print_url() function is responsible
> (ui-summary.c), which does a simple fmt("%s/%s", base, suffix). So
> you'd have to do some patching there in order to support that short
> notion you're using.

>From my reading of the code, that concatenation is only used when a url-prefix 
is defined.  In which case, simply changing the line from:

  base = fmt("%s/%s", base, suffix);


  base = fmt("%s%s", base, suffix);

allowing the forward slash to be specified as part of the prefix insetad.

> I think it's best to use the long ssh:// syntax instead.

Yes, unfortunately prior to integrating cgit, our repository urls have been 
using the shorthand format.

Thanks for the feedback and pointer to the relevant code.


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