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Take 21 Minutes
The last few weeks has seen short clips from blue chip companies with their perception of the future.
As a Non-Subscriber I wanted to send you one of the more popular recent links.
The digital signage community is rapidly being enclosed by technology trends that combines it into an all encompasing mash. It's about the profusion of data collection and analysis. The clip from Ericsson is a well studied example of what to expect. It is certainly worth the viewing.
On the Brink
I thank you for your time and consideration. CLIPPINGs has overrun the 27,700 circulation level. With winter rapidly entering our lives, preparing for the next season might be to advertise within this popular newsletter. Ask for our recently completed demographic study, the one with a listing of countries and percentages. If you wish to optain a copy (no questions asked), and maybe even a proposal, then contact my e-mail address below. 
Again thank you and enjoy your weekend,
James Van Etten, Executive Editor
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