No .tar.gz downloading, only .zip!

Kaz Kylheku kaz at
Fri Oct 28 22:26:31 CEST 2011

Hi CGIT guys,

I set up a repo which is working fine, but only .zip downloading is 

If my "snapshots=" line does not include "zip", then archives are not 
offered at all under Downloads, only links to commits.

If "snapshots=" includes .tar.gz and .tar.bz2 in addition to "zip", 
they appear to be ignored.

Is this in issue with how it was built? Or is the git version too old 
on the server?
It has no configure script to detect libraries and such.

This is on a Debian 5.0.5 box with git

I built cgit from the tip of the "stable" branch, fetched less than 24 
hours ago.

Thanks for any insight.

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