cgit not displaying file content

Jon Chen sjchen at
Mon Feb 27 17:32:44 CET 2012

> > source-filter=/usr/local/lib/cgit/filters/
>does your webserver have execute access to this file, do you have
>highlight installed, etc..
>.. check your logs: apache error logs, selinux logs

hmm, I commented out that line in cgitrc and looks like the filter is
indeed the issue.

I checked, and I do have highlight installed (textproc/highlight)

from httpd-error.log:

> [: index: unexpected operator, referer:
> fatal: Subprocess /usr/local/lib/cgit/filters/ exited abnormally, referer:

I gave apache the correct permissions for the script but it still
doesn't display the file contents.
I looked in the bash script, and it says:

# This script requires a shell supporting the ${var##pattern} syntax.

I do have zsh + bash installed on freebsd, but apache is nologin? I'm
not really sure what that means.
Could that be the issue? And if so, how would i correct it?

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