Gitolite support patch

The Ranger ranger at
Tue Jan 31 19:25:54 CET 2012


I'm using gitolite ( in my git 
server to limit user's access to specific repos only.

Since I'm using cgit as the web frontend I needed the same functionality 
there as well.

I've created a quick patch to add gitolite config file parsing support 
to cgit.

It reads and parses gitolite.conf config file, extracts the information 
from there (users and groups) and creates allowed repo list. The user 
name is retrieved from REMOTE_USER environment variable since I use 
basic authentication. The config file parsing is basic but that 
currently fits to my needs.

I do not know if there is anyone who needs the same functionality but 
nevertheless I'm attaching my patch. Maybe it could be useful to someone 
else as well.

P.S. I tried to use the gl-auth-command perl script that gitolite itself 
uses, but under CGI and suexec it did not work, so I rather took the 
config file parsing approach.


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