larsh at hjemli.net larsh at hjemli.net
Sun Mar 18 11:27:13 CET 2012

A bugfix release of cgit (a web interface to git repositories) is now
available from http://hjemli.net/git/cgit. Thanks to everyone who

$ git shortlog v0.9.0.2..v0.9.0.3
Eric Wong (2):
      ui-ssdiff.c: correct length check for LCS table
      segfault fix on some bogus requests

Georg Müller (1):
      ui-log.c: do not show remote heads if enable-remote-branches=0

Jamie Couture (2):
      ui-ssdiff: move LCS table away from the stack
      use correct type for sizeof

John Keeping (1):
      Fix segmentation fault in empty repository

Lars Hjemli (2):
      Makefile: fetch git tarballs from http://hjemli.net/git/git/

Lukas Fleischer (2):
      Remove dead initialization in cgit_parse_commit()
      Fix potential XSS vulnerability in rename hint

Norberto Lopes (1):
      fix css color value and vertical-align value

Tim Chen (1):
      Fix diff mode switching when side-by-side-diffs=1

Tobias Grimm (1):
      Add sort parameter to pager of repo list

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