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On 09/27/2012 12:22 AM, William Bell wrote:
> Wonderful
> On 27/09/2012 03:39, Jason A. Donenfeld wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> I haven't heard from Lars for almost 7 months now. I've contributed
>> chunks of code to cgit in the past, and I continue to improve it now,
>> but with no one to send patches to, I've just been maintaining my own
>> tree, with features such as better support for the latest gitolite,
>> among other fixes.
>> Until Lars appears on the scene again, I'm happy to aggregate a
>> patches from everyone in my tree, and then when he reemerges from
>> wherever he is, he'll have a nice unified place to start merging what
>> we've been up to during his absence.
>> If others like this plan, by all means resend to this thread the
>> patches and enhancements you've been working on.
>> You can see what I've added myself at:
>> Thanks,
>> Jason Donenfeld

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