Caching and concurrency?

Peter Wu lekensteyn at
Sat Apr 13 15:54:35 CEST 2013


I was wondering how well the caching mechanism of cgit works. Is it designed 
for concurrent access to the cache folders? I am tempted to use nginx cache 
mechanism, but a downside of that is that duplicate cache entries may occur 
(?id=d34db33f vs ?id=d34db33f000000 are possibly the same, but I guess nginx 
sees it as the same) and that entries are at least as old as the nginx cache 
expirity time.

Anyway, the questions:
- Is cgits cache immediately updated whenever the git tree is updated? If not, 
what delay can I expect?
- Is it better to use a dedicated caching proxy (nginx) instead of cgit when 
- How well prepared is cgit for concurrent access?

Of course I should measure it myself too, but are there any obvious points I 
should take into account when considering a cache mechanism?


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