Idle column

Kyle J. McKay mackyle at
Mon Jul 22 15:13:21 CEST 2013

On Jul 19, 2013, at 04:44, John Keeping wrote:
> On Fri, Jul 19, 2013 at 01:29:52PM +0200, Christian Hesse wrote:
>> cgit is great and I enjoy it a lot. However it has one drawback  
>> compared to
>> gitweb: The idle column in repository listing shows the age of a
>> (configurable) file from the repository. I think that is stupid  
>> behavior as I
>> have a lot of "0 min." entries if I run "git gc" on my repositories  
>> or the
>> date since last push or pull otherwise.
>> In contrast to that gitweb shows the time since the last commit. I  
>> would
>> prefer to have that in cgit as well. Any chance to get that? Or is  
>> there any
>> good reason why the idle column is as is?
> This was discussed a couple of months ago [1].  You can use a hook and
> agefile to make CGit behave like GitWeb as described in that message.
> [1]

Actually if you want it to behave like gitweb you'll need to use  
something more like:

git for-each-ref --sort=-committerdate --format='% 
(committerdate:iso8601)' \
	--count=1 refs/heads > info/lastactivity

Since gitweb.perl actually uses:

	open($fd, "-|", git_cmd(), 'for-each-ref',
	     'refs/heads') or return;

to get the timestamp which it uses to compute the age string.

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