Branch Age Sorting and Idle Most Recent Sorting [Was: Re: Today is a big day for us]

Lars Hjemli hjemli at
Wed Mar 6 07:24:20 CET 2013

> On Tue, Mar 5, 2013 at 2:30 PM, Konstantin Ryabitsev <mricon at> wrote:
>>> It seems to me that the "Idle" column in global view reflects the last
>>> change on master branch of a given repository, but most of the development
>>> is happening on other branches, so this doesn't give any good overview
>>> about how alive the repository is. gitweb was always showing the time
>>> elapsed from latest modification on any of the branches in the repository.

To make cgits idle-time appear similar to gitwebs, one can use the
'agefile' ( combined
with a git hook in each repository.

As an example, here is the post-receive hook installed in the cgit
repo on


  cd /pub/git/cgit
  git for-each-ref --sort=-authordate --format='%(authordate:iso8601)'
--count=1 >info/touched

By doing it this way, the loading of the index page is a much cheaper
operation (which is especially important on a heavily used site like


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