Stefan Tatschner stefan at
Mon Nov 4 21:46:40 CET 2013

Hi there,
I created a python script for the syntax-highlighting thing in cgit
which solves a few problems with the shipped script in cgit [1]. I use
it in production since half a year.

- It uses python2 because there are still a lot of problems with 
  python3 and pygments out there. [2], [3]
- I used guess_lexer_for_filename for a better detecting of the used    
  languages (e.g. mixed HTML and PHP, HTML (Django)...). 
  guess_lexer_for_filename does not work with python3 yet.
- The script looks whether there is a shebang line if it cannot   
  determine the language.
- It maps cmakelists.txt and pkgbuild (arch linux package system) files 
  to the correct lexer. Any other filenames can be added easily. 
- The CSS has to be defined in the CSS file to avoid inline CSS.
- `'utf-8', errors='ignore')` is used
  to ensure the functionality even for corrupted file encodings.

If you like my implementation I would be happy to create a patchfile. :)



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