[PATCH v2] Remove trailing slash after remove-suffix

Charles Dee Rice cdrice at pobox.com
Sat Dec 13 20:28:23 CET 2014

Thank you so much for the quick reply!

> The previous version had a flaw (bogus pointer if there is no ".git" 
> suffix). This one is much more readable add should be applied on top of 
> the Git 2.2.0 patch (which adds strip_suffix() and strip_suffix_mem()). 

Version 1 would definitely cause some issues.  My brief testing confirmed it could cut off the last letter of the repot name for a bare repo -- "blah.git" became "bla".  It did work for non-bare repos, though -- "blah/.git" became "blah" and worked!  ;) 

Applying the latest version of Christian's git 2.2.0 patch from November + your version 2 looks like it works perfectly! 

I now see both bare and non-bare repos working with scanning and remove-suffix enabled.  All repo features (refs, log, tree, etc) work correctly in each case.

This really had me scratching my head -- I'm glad to see I wasn't doing something silly after all!   Thanks again! 

- Chuck

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