filter questions

Kevin Fenzi kevin at
Mon Feb 24 20:01:57 CET 2014


I took a look at the filters in the recent 0.10 release and had a few
minor questions. ;) 

First, the email-gravatar.lua script seems to require luacrypto? 
( ) This is pretty ancient and not
packaged in Fedora at least. Is there some other more supportable
library that could be used?

lua-md5 seems better if you just need a md5?

Also, would it be possible to optionally use libravatar? They are free
software, where gravatar is not. ;(

Next, the script requires python3? 
Would it be possible to also have a python2 compatible version? Older
systems are still not using python3. 

Finally the highlight script has 2 different calls for version2 or 3 of
highlight. Perhaps we could move that to a build time check? Or even a
runtime one? or just split them into 2 scripts? 

Thanks for all your work, cgit is great!

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