Can I get detailed Cgit logs?

Nolan Darilek nolan at
Tue Feb 25 18:53:30 CET 2014


I'm encountering the infamous "no repositories found" issue. I've 
exhaustively checked permissions, up to and including assigning a shell 
to the www-data user and verifying that it can read my Git repositories. 
I've checked every directory permission from /, and it all looks good.

One complicating factor of my setup is that it is in Docker 
( containers. I currently have a Docker container 
hosting Git repositories via Gitolite, another running Jenkins, and 
Cgit. Jenkins communicates with Gitolite just fine, though it uses SSH 
which I know works.

It would be very helpful if Cgit gave me an exact error as to why it 
can't access my repositories. I had to jump through a hoop with Selinux 
on 13.10 in the Gitolite container, so if that's tripping up Cgit for 
some reason then knowing would be helpful.

Is there any way to get detailed error logs? I don't see any in my 
Apache logs, which could mean a misconfiguration on that end. But having 
access to some sort of detailed error log would be very helpful in 
debugging this.


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