[PATCH v3 1/2] filters: Improved syntax-highlighting.py

Stefan Tatschner stefan at sevenbyte.org
Wed Feb 26 19:05:49 CET 2014

Hi Jason,

Am 26.02.2014 18:34, schrieb Jason A. Donenfeld:
> Can you keep the list up to date with pygments upstream? Has that
> python3 change made it through? Before 0.10.1 release (probably
> tomorrow), should we switch the highlight script back to python3? Or
> is pygments upstream still not released?

I have an eye on pygments upstream. :) If there are any changes I will
submit a patch and port the script to python3. Currently pygments 1.7 is
under development [1] and I have no idea when it's ready...

[1] http://pygments.org/docs/changelog/#version-1-7


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