RFE: author/committer/tagger links (enable cgit to show gravatar for author, committer and tagger)

Lukas Fleischer cgit at cryptocrack.de
Thu Jan 9 20:34:27 CET 2014

On Thu, 09 Jan 2014 at 20:23:04, John Keeping wrote:
> [...]
> Presumably this would just pass the "A. U. Thor <author at example.com>"
> string to the filter and we could just map that to the output.
> [...]
> We could take an incremental approach like git-check-attr and friends do
> when GIT_FLUSH=1, but I'm not sure how well we could delimit the output
> in that case - I doubt a single line would be sufficient for all cases.
> If we're not careful that approach could end up with capability flags
> and other complex things like the fast-import protocol.

These ideas sound good to me -- much better than the initial Gravatar
approach -- presumed they can be implemented efficiently. In case the
choice of a delimiter becomes a problem, we could add another option to
switch between newline ("\n") and null character ("\0"), or even allow
for specifying a custom delimiter.

> My gut feeling is that it /should/ be OK because CGit's caching layer
> means that we don't actually regenerate pages too often and CGit tends
> to be blazingly fast anyway, but it would be interesting to see some
> benchmarks of how much overhead a call to "true" adds.


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