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Thu Jan 9 20:52:15 CET 2014

Am 08.01.2014 17:28, schrieb Jason A. Donenfeld:
>> What do you want to de with the CSS definitions? Just put them into the
>> default cgit CSS file or maybe include it seperately?
> We already handle that on line 34 of [1], so no need to do anything
> differently. Please base your work off [1] generally.
> [1]

Actually I do not like this implementation of CSS output in the script.
In the final HTML output there is something like this:

<td class='lines'><pre><code><style>.highlight .hll { background-color:
#ffffcc }
.highlight  { background: #ffffff; }
.highlight .c { color: #888888 } /* Comment */
.highlight .err { color: #a61717; background-color: #e3d2d2 }


</style><div class="highlight"><pre>

You see the CSS definitions for the synthax highlighting thing come
within a table within a pre within a code tag. I do not think this is
the right place for CSS definitions.

What do you think?


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