Adding Filter Types to cgit [was: RFE: .so filters]

Jason A. Donenfeld Jason at
Mon Jan 13 04:53:04 CET 2014

zx2c4 at thinkpad ~/Projects/cgit/filters $ cat email-gravatar.lua
-- This script may be used with the email-filter or
settings in cgitrc.
-- It adds gravatar icons to author names. It is designed to be used
with the lua:
-- prefix in filters. It is much faster than the corresponding python script.
-- Requirements:
--      luacrypto >= 0.3
--      <>


function filter_open(email)
        buffer = ""
        md5 = crypto.digest("md5", email:sub(2, -2):lower())

function filter_close()
        html("<img src='//" .. md5 ..
"?s=16&d=retro' style='height:10pt;width:10pt'> " .. buffer)

function filter_write(str)
        buffer = buffer .. str

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