[PATCH v2] filters: Improved syntax-highlighting.py

Stefan Tatschner stefan at sevenbyte.org
Mon Jan 13 15:53:28 CET 2014

Am 13.01.2014 15:50, schrieb Jason A. Donenfeld:
> On Mon, Jan 13, 2014 at 3:47 PM, Stefan Tatschner <stefan at sevenbyte.org> wrote:
>> No, that's not the issue. By default 'pygments' adds a <pre
>> style="line-height: 125%"> tag so I had to change the line-height of the
>> other column as well.
> Strange. It doesn't do that on the current script. Is this because of
> the inline styles? In which case, since we're reverting to the <style>
> way of doing things, we can just drop this part too from this commit.

You're right this is because of the inline styles. If we just write the
CSS definitions to stdout it doesn't matter and we could remove this as

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