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Sébastien Dailly contact-cgit at chimrod.com
Thu Jul 3 20:41:28 CEST 2014

Hello everybody.

I recently installed cgit and made a little change from default project 
page for the about page (if exists).

In master you have the following url :

git.domain.tld/project/ -> redirect to summary
git.domain.tld/project/summary -> redirect to summary
git.domain.tld/project/about -> redirect to about

with my patch the same urls acts as follow :

if an about page exists : git.domain.tld/project/ -> redirect to about
if no about page exists : git.domain.tld/project/ -> redirect to summary

the patch is very simple[1] and relies on a virtual page named « main » 
due to cgit limitations (when a project is loaded, we don't know yet if 
an about exists or not, so we can't decide if the request to / should be 
executed as /summary or /about. We only get this information when we 
have begun to process the request. So I created a redirection to a new 
action (« main »), wich act as a proxy redirection).

Feel free to include this patch in the master branch, my repo is open ^^


Sébastien Dailly

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