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Elijah Lynn elijah at
Wed Sep 10 19:19:49 CEST 2014


I was wondering if there was an issue tracker or if just the mailing list
is used for tracking issues?

My main motivation is that Drupal just adopted cgit and one feature we
really miss is git blame ( I am aware
it is on the cgit roadmap for a 1.0 release (
and I want to know if there is anything our community can help do to speed
that up.

I just went to to try to setup a bounty for this but it
turns out a project needs and official issue tracker. The one on Github ( appears to just be a mirror and not official.
I asked what issue trackers are supported on #bountysource in Freenode and:

    "scalability-junk> elijah: supported afaik are bugzilla, jira, github
and a few more."

Anyways, I didn't see an issue tracker so I thought I would ask. I would
love to setup a bounty to get git blame support worked on. Or if there is
anything else we could do please let me know or post a response in the
Drupal issue mentioned above.


Elijah Lynn
903.Eli.jahs (354.5247)
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