simple-authentication.lua gives "Invalid request"

Jeremy Epstein jazepstein at
Sun Sep 21 15:48:29 CEST 2014


I'm trying to set up cgit on my server, with password protection
per-repository using the "filters/simple-authentication.lua" script:

After spending some time installing lua and luacrypto, I'm correctly
getting the "Authentication Required" page when I try to view a
protected repo. However, when I enter a username / password and click
"login", all I get after that is "Invalid request" (as a 404

I have cgit running behind nginx, configured more-or-less per these

Would be great to get this working. As I'll be using cgit for private
repos (for client projects), the password-protection is a must. I
realise that this feature is new, so I understand if there are still
some hiccups involved.


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