[PATCH] contrib/hooks: add sample post-receive hook using agefile

John Keeping john at keeping.me.uk
Wed Aug 12 17:04:46 CEST 2015

On Wed, Aug 12, 2015 at 03:41:57PM +0200, Jason A. Donenfeld wrote:
> You might want to add this to
> http://git.zx2c4.com/cgit/about/faq

Something like this (which probably needs a bit of editing to make the
tone consistent with what's already there)?

-- >8 --
Subject: [PATCH] faq: add an entry about the agefile

Signed-off-by: John Keeping <john at keeping.me.uk>
 faq | 13 +++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 13 insertions(+)

diff --git a/faq b/faq
index 9c3ff01..e940510 100644
--- a/faq
+++ b/faq
@@ -26,3 +26,16 @@ the .git directory.
 A less likely cause is that the repo is, infact, not a valid repo. Try
 to run 'git show' in the offending repo to see if git also thinks your
 repo has issues.
+### Why is the idle time for my repository wrong?
+By default CGit uses the modification time of the default branch's ref
+file as a quick method of determining when the repository was last
+changed.  If you primarily work on other branches then this work will
+not be reflected in the idle time.
+You can use a post-receive hook to run a script that tells CGit the
+correct modification time by writing to ``info/web/last-modified``.  An
+example is provided in the CGit repository at

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