setup issue: cgit only shows summary page

Lukas Tribus luky-37 at
Mon Jan 19 14:22:45 CET 2015

>> I think you either need to set PATH_INFO here *or* to avoid setting
>> SCRIPT_NAME. CGit uses SCRIPT_NAME to decide whether to use path URLs
>> or the "url=" query parameter. If it's using path URLs then you need to
>> have PATH_INFO specified as the full path (which must start with
>> Note that I've never used fcgiwrapper so I don't know whether it will
>> set either of those automatically; I'm just going on how CGit behaves.
> fcgiwrap uses SCRIPT_FILENAME (if set) and the concatenation of
> Suggestions for the nginx config: generally a default, sane set of
> fastcgi parameters is available in the fastcgi_params file which you can
> include with "include fastcgi_params;".

Thanks for these hints. In the end, I had to intercept the fcgi requests
to understand whats going on exactly, and I found that nginx' try_files
resets PATH_INFO [1].

 fastcgi_split_path_info       ^(/cgit/)(.*)$;
 fastcgi_param PATH_INFO $fastcgi_path_info;

did the trick for me, without removing try_files.




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