Problem with cgit cache

Eclipse Webmaster (Denis Roy) webmaster at
Mon Jan 19 20:17:00 CET 2015


We use cgit for about 800 Git repos. Lately we've noticed that the links 
in the cache become polluted. We've noticed hits like this in the logs, 
which come from Search Bots, which seem to match the garbage in the 
cache links:

GET /c/set%7Cset%26set/org....

GET /c/%0aset%7cset%26set%0a/org....

(we serve cgit from /c/)

If I clear the cache entries, all is well until these bots come along 
and pollute it again.  If I set cache-size=0 everything works well, 
albeit much slower.

Is this a known bug in cgit?  For now I've added some Apache 
RewriteRules so that these hits don't reach cgit, but it would be nice 
if cgit could deal with these.

You can read more on our bug tracker, here:



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