Troubles using special characters in links with lighttpd

David Demelier demelier.david at
Fri May 15 14:08:23 CEST 2015


I'm trying to setup cgit with lighttpd, this is my actual
configuration :

$HTTP["host"] == "" {
        alias.url = (
                "/static/" => "/usr/local/www/cgit/",
                "/cgit.cgi" => "/usr/local/www/cgit/cgit.cgi",
        url.rewrite-once =
                "^/static/.*$" => "$0",
                "^/([^?/]+/[^?]*)?(?:\?(.*))?$" => "/cgit.cgi?url=$1&
        server.document-root = "/usr/local/www/cgit"
        cgi.assign = ( ".cgi" => "/usr/local/www/cgit/cgit.cgi" )

I have found several documents about that, this is mainly written from

Almost everythin works, except directories that contains special
characters that should be escaped. For example, I have a directory named
"C++", and this one will not work from the rewrite rule:

If you click on C++, you get an empty directory, however, the resolved
link with appropriate characters works fine:

I have no idea how to fix that, is it a lighttpd problem or a cgit
configuration missing?



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