cgit can't display certain file hashes

John Keeping john at
Fri Sep 18 19:51:36 CEST 2015

On Fri, Sep 18, 2015 at 05:23:32PM +0000, Dunnigan, Terrence J wrote:
> From time to time our cgit server (0.10.1) won't display a particular
> version of a file.
> Say we have a file src.cpp in the repo repo.git. It has been modified
> five times, and the five file hashes are aaa, bbb, ccc, ddd, and eee.
> Aaa is the first commit and eee is the most recent commit.
> We use this URL to display certain versions of the file:
> https://cgit/repo.git/blob/src.cpp?id=eee.
> For whatever reason, all hashes are displaying except the penultimate
> commit, ddd.
> https://cgit/repo.git/blob/src.cpp?id=eee displays the file just fine.
> https://cgit/repo.git/blob/src.cpp?id=ddd displays an error message
> "No repositories found".
> The commit exists in the repo - I can see the file hash ddd listed via
> the command git ls-tree, so I'm very confused why cgit isn't able to
> display the file.
> I know our version of cgit is an older version - was this a bug fixed
> in subsequent releases?

Do you have caching enabled?  By default "static" content accessed with
a fixed SHA-1 will be cached forever; I recommend changing
"cache-static-ttl" to something like 15 to see if that makes a

A recent commit c5975ae (ui-shared: cache errors for "dynamic TTL",
2015-08-14) changed this so that anything that results in an error will
use the "dynamic" cache timeout, but there has not been a release since
this went in.

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