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I've been using some services that are backed by cgit and in accessing them
I'm finding it awkward to get permalinks to lines of code.

For example:
Using (uses etsy/hound project from github) and
searching for the line of code:
tconfigs.set\('class', 'java.util.Collections\$EmptyList'\)

Following the first result returned brings me to:

While the default link available is convenient for immediate discussions, I
usually prefer to have a permalink for email and issue tracker usage.

Right now, I can click 'log' from the top of the page to go to:

Then click on the commit message entry to go to:

Then lastly click on the filename towards the bottom of the commit entry
page to get to:

Then any of the lines to line numbers, will contain the sha1 meaning that
they should be permanent (to a degree, I know someone could remove the
commit from the history if needed, but good enough), and I can use the
following link to reference the line I was interested in:

This seems a bit unnecessary. I'm wondering if there is a way for cgit to
easily get from the first page that I opened from,
to the permalink of the same file and line number at the point in time in
the repository that I arrived at in a single step? Is there a key like
github's 'press "y"', or an extra link that can be activated, or is this an

Alternatively is this something that should be done by etsy/hound (software
behind in how it integrates to be able to provide
links to the file using the sha1 instead of against the branch name?

Darragh Bailey
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