[PATCH v2 6/8] ui-repolist: Remove assignment of section to repolist_ctx

Tim Nordell tim.nordell at logicpd.com
Sat Mar 5 00:30:14 CET 2016

There is now only one user of this, emitting a html_section, and this
gets the repository passed in (which also contains a link to the
section heading).

Signed-off-by: Tim Nordell <tim.nordell at logicpd.com>

diff --git a/ui-repolist.c b/ui-repolist.c
index df2dc92..fab589e 100644
--- a/ui-repolist.c
+++ b/ui-repolist.c
@@ -273,7 +273,6 @@ struct repolist_ctx {
 	int columns;
 	int sorted;
 	int hits;
-	const char *section;
 	const char *last_section;
@@ -398,7 +397,6 @@ void cgit_print_repolist(void)
 		if (c->hits > ctx.qry.ofs + ctx.cfg.max_repo_count)
-		c->section = ctx.repo->section;
 		if (should_emit_section(&repolist_ctx, ctx.repo))
 			html_section(ctx.repo, c->columns);
 		html_repository(ctx.repo, repolist_ctx.sorted);

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