[PATCH 2/5] Revert "ui-summary: add "rel='vcs-git'" to clone URL links"

Paul Wise pabs3 at bonedaddy.net
Thu May 12 18:49:05 CEST 2016

John Keeping wrote:

> we had a request to add support [1] 

I was the one who requested it.

> Now, admittedly, vcs-git isn't registered there
> 	Anyone is free to edit the microformats wiki existing-rel-values
> 	page at any time to add a type.

I've now registered vcs-* on that page.

> So I'm not convinced that this really is non-conformant.


The initial blog post about this and the spec itself give the
rationale, uses, producers and consumers of this format. Admittedly it
isn't supported by much software but reducing that isn't the way to go.




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