Could snapshot links be named after git describe ?

Sylvain Rabot sylvain at
Mon Oct 10 11:04:11 CEST 2016


Currently the snapshots and resulted downloaded files are named like
this <project>-<branch|sha1>.<zip|tar.gz|tar.bz2>

I was wondering if they could be named using the git describe format
instead. I think it would make more sens and be prettier.

Naming the file after the branch does not make much sens according to
me as it could be any commit of the said branch at any given time and
the full sha1 is not really useful.

<project>-$(git describe --abbrev=6).<zip|tar.gz|tar.bz2> seems the
best to me. I find it really useful to have the last tag name and the
number of commits since.

Best regards.

Sylvain Rabot <sylvain at>

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