RFC: pluggable snapshot compression tools

Konstantin Ryabitsev mricon at kernel.org
Thu Apr 20 18:30:24 CEST 2017

Hello, all:

Currently gzip, xz and bz2 commands are hardcoded into ui-snapshot.c, but
it would be nice if we could define those commands, so that if I wanted to
use "pigz" or "pixz" instead of the standard gzip/xz, I could do it.

It would also be handy if snapshots were only generated for the formats
defined in the config file (e.g. if I only list "tar.gz", return an error
if someone requests a .tar.xz instead of helpfully generating it).
Requesting a bunch of tar.xz snapshots of the Linux Kernel is a great way
to DoS us with a single keystroke. ;)


Konstantin Ryabitsev
Director, IT Infrastructure Security
The Linux Foundation
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