cgit segfaults

Robby Workman rworkman at
Wed Aug 16 08:26:52 CEST 2017

We're running cgit-1.1 with git-2.10.4 at and are seeing
some reproducible segfaults.

root at git:/var/log# dmesg -T
[Wed Aug 16 01:14:23 2017] traps: cgit.cgi[2210] general protection ip:4515bd sp:7ffd787a9470 error:0 in cgit.cgi[400000+103000]

This can be reliably triggered (i.e. every time) with at least one particular link (I'll share it 
privately with cgit devs, but since I don't know if there's any security impact, I'm not going
to put it out on the list as yet).

I've applied 1b4ef6783a71962f8b5da3a23f283 and c699866699411346c5dba4064575
from git master since they appeared to address some segfaults, but apparently they were
unrelated to whatever it is that we're seeing. 

Aside from (obviously) sharing the reproducer, any tips on debugging this? We of course
have a strong preference for debugging tips that don't impact services on the machine,
but if needed, we'll do what we have to do...

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