How to format the content of all markdown files, not just the about pages?

jean-christophe manciot actionmystique at
Sun Dec 23 15:25:00 CET 2018

Hi there,
with the following setup, no markdown file is correctly formatted besides
the about pages:
*cgit 1.2.1-14-g55ebd5e*
*git 1:2.20.1-1*
in */etc/cgitrc*:
# Format markdown, restructuredtext, manpages, text files, and html files
# through the right converters

## Search for these files in the root of the default branch of repositories
## for coming up with the about page:

The about pages are perfectly formatted, for instance here
But any other markdown page is not formatted, for instance here
Am I missing something or is this a missing feature?
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