How to format the content of all markdown files, not just the about pages?

jean-christophe manciot actionmystique at
Fri Dec 28 10:15:18 CET 2018

OK, but redirecting all URLs containing files which can be formatted by the
about filter & located below /tree to /about is not effective:
        location ~ \.(md|MD|rst|RST|[1-9]|html|HTML|txt|TXT)$
                rewrite ^(/.*)/tree/(.*)$ $1/about/$2 permanent;
leads to a "404 Not Found".

For instance,, I get
the error log:
2018/12/27 12:52:49 [error] 20915#20915: *1 open()
"/usr/share/nginx/html/PPA/about/Wireshark/" failed (2: No such
file or directory), client: 2a01:cb00:745:c100:26d7:494a:7c78:c99a, server:, request: "GET /PPA/about/Wireshark/ HTTP/2.0",
host: "", referrer: ""

If I remove the location/rewrite directives and restart nginx, the same URL is correctly displayed
& formatted with the about filter.

What am I missing?
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