Missing horizontal rule items on 'about' pages

Pete Beardmore pete.beardmore at msn.com
Wed Jan 24 16:12:18 CET 2018


I've just looked into a new project's missing horizontal rule items on its 'about' page, and found that the markdown is parsed correctly and indeed pushed, but that it's 'styled out'. The offending code is in 'md2html' where there's a reference to a missing png. On looking at server logs, this is indeed being screamed about.

I found and copied the missing 'dirty-shade.png' to cgit root, but it looked so bad that I preferred removal in favour of a simpler 2px #ccc.

The addition to cgit.css in the attached probably isn't necessary, but it might guard against (once third party?!) md2html updates/bulk changes going forward.

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