Rendering of inline with inner tree view dirs

Andy Green andy at
Mon Jun 11 09:08:08 CEST 2018

Hi -

I have been using cgit for many years.

Currently I am detaching my (LGPL) project from github.

One noticeable problem diverting people from github to cgit is although 
it renders very well the toplevel "about"

It doesn't seem to have a way to render inline inner dir as 
github does.  This is quite a small thing but very useful, eg


Is there a way to do it already in the main cgit project?  For nonpublic 
projects, I screenscraped some patches from John Keeping from 2016 that 
do the same thing, but poking around, these don't seem to have made it in.

If there's no existing way to do it and those patches are shivering in 
the cold, all alone, can I suggest they would perhaps be extremely 
useful to people in a similar position, needing to decouple users from 
github but needing to generally present the same tree in a similar way?


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