Nesting repositories under a common folder?

Reuben Popp reuben.popp at
Wed Jul 24 20:01:27 CEST 2019

Hello all,

Excuse me if this has been answered before, but is there a way to nest
repositories under a common directory visually in cgit?

For example,

root_directory (not a repo)
|- Project A (directory, not a repo)
|       |- Project A component 1 (repo)
|       |- Project A component 2 (repo)
|- Project B (repo)
|- Project C (directory, not a repo)
|       |- Project C subproject AA (repo)
|       |- Project C subproject AB (repo)
|       |- Project C Archive (directory, not a repo)
|              |- Project C archived subproject A (repo)

Going to the cgit frontend, I would see the directories (or links) for
Project A, B and C...

Hopefully this makes sense.

Thanks in advance!
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