cgit and push method

Francois me at
Wed Feb 26 23:39:43 CET 2020

Hi everybody

First of all, congratulation for this software that gives an easy way to
access repos. I'm using around 5 hours ago and I have quickly found all
the customs options I was espected     ... \o/ ....

Cgit is configured to allow cloning repos. I did not find information
for "push" management so I've tried a push but ... got a DAV lock error.

I am surprised at this behavior because it works if I use git-http-backend.

Looking the network traffic with tcpdump shows me that git does a PROPFIND
resquest when calling to cgit and only GET end POST when calling to

In the case of cgit and PROPFIND, cgit returns the html code of the
repo main page instead of the expected xml.

So I have some questions:

- does cgit allow push ?
- Is there a "best practice" to manage repos "backstage": create,
  delete, give read/write acess

Thanks a lot in advance.

-- François

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