Incompatibilities with python3-pygments 2.6.1?

Roy Marples roy at
Wed Jul 1 17:35:04 CEST 2020

On 01/07/2020 14:51, jean-christophe manciot wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I've built python3-pygments from sources
> ( using the latest stable 2.6.1
> tag.
> Using it with cgit v1.2.3 and git 2.25.1 leads to blank 'about' pages
> whereas everything works fine with 2.3.1+dfsg-1ubuntu2 on Ubuntu
> focal.
> Any suggestions?
> The deb package is available on Ubuntu focal at

I use the highlight package instead, running cgit under uwsgi fronted by nginx.
When I restart the web server, the highlighted code is blank until I restart the 
uwsgi service. I don't know why this is as there is no reported error, but the 
symtom appears to mirror your own so I thought it was worth mentioning.


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