Error downloading snapshots from remote sites

Roy Marples roy at
Mon May 4 11:45:42 CEST 2020


I only get this error downloading from a remote VM.
Another user has reported the error here:

Error is a sample error logged by nginx:
I use uwsgi to proxy the cgi to nginx.

*248 open() "/var/db/nginx/uwsgi_temp/6/00/0000000006" failed (13: Permission 
denied) while reading upstream, client: 2001:470:a085:999::80, server:, request: "GET /cgit/dhcpcd.git/snapshot/master.tar.xz 
HTTP/1.1", upstream: "uwsgi://unix:/var/run/uwsgi/cgit.sock:", host: 

Otherwise this setup works fine.
The user uwsgi/cgit runs as owns the directory /var/db/nginx/uwsgi_temp.

Any pointers on how to fix this?



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