[PATCH 1/1] git: update to v2.29.1

Christian Hesse list at eworm.de
Wed Nov 4 15:10:40 CET 2020

jean-christophe manciot <actionmystique at gmail.com> on Wed, 2020/11/04 14:55:
> > What does `git -C git describe --long` give here?  
> $ git -C git describe --long
> v2.29.0-0-g69986e19ff
> and also:
> $ git -C git tag --list|grep v2.29|grep -v rc
> v2.29.0
> v2.29.1
> v2.29.2
> > I guess it's time to run `git submodule update`.  
> There's nothing more you can expect with that command now; you've
> probably missed the previous 'git submodule update --init
> --recursive':
> $ git submodule update
> $ git -C git describe --long
> v2.29.0-0-g69986e19ff
> $ git -C git tag --list|grep v2.29|grep -v rc
> v2.29.0
> v2.29.1
> v2.29.2
> As you can see, nothing has changed, so the issue is still there.

Ah, missed another detail: You use `git apply`, not `git am`. Your changes
are applied, but not committed. With `git submodule update` you check out the
version of submodule that has been committed.

So commit your changes (or use `git am`) and you should be fine.
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