[PATCH] use main as default branch instead of master

Jan Drögehoff sentrycraft123 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 9 12:53:22 UTC 2022

> Replacing one hard coded value with another is really not helpful.
> Git itself solves this locally with init.defaultBranch in its config.
> If the corresponding option is unset you are helpfully told to choose
> one. That is however not simply a matter of s/master/main/ but the
> following:
>> Names commonly chosen instead of 'master' are 'main', 'trunk' and
>> 'development'.
> As you can see, multiple "common" options.

At the moment I think its better to simply stay with 'master' since that 
is what Git uses as the default at the moment

even if multiple git hosting sites have decided to adopt main

> There's work ongoing in git to make this more streamlined,
> last example I know being
>    commit e06c9e1df28e04bbf013840c6c50ce1be41b9583
>    Author: Thomas Weißschuh <thomas at t-8ch.de>
>    Date:   Wed Nov 3 21:17:02 2021 +0100
>    var: add GIT_DEFAULT_BRANCH variable.
> There's also similar efforts that would allow querying a remote.
> So I'd suggest you wait for upstream to figure it out first, rather than
> blindly substituting the term which would break existing setup for no
> real reason.

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