cgit build on riscv64 machine

Samuel Lidén Borell samuel at
Tue Jul 19 08:15:55 UTC 2022


On Tue, 19 Jul 2022 16:02:30 +0800, Bo YU <tsu.yubo at> wrote:

> >Are you using qemu-user?
> It is interesting. In fact, I build it on real riscv64
> hardware(Unmatched boards).
> ```
> vimer at unmatched:~/build/07/31_cgit/cgit-master/tests$ uname -a
> Linux unmatched 5.18.0-2-riscv64 #1 SMP Debian 5.18.5-1 (2022-06-16) riscv64 GNU/Linux
> ```
> >
> >That test uses strace, which in turn uses the ptrace() system call.
> >qemu-user does not support ptrace(). At least it didn't when I tried a couple of years ago.
> I just test strace cmd after see your hint, but it looks ok(If I do
> wrong please conrect me)

The strace output looks good to me. But did you check the strace.out file, that the test creates?
The test will fail if it contains this string:

Maybe something is causing that string to be printed.

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